Hey guys! Fall has quickly taken over and poetry club is loving the vibes!! As fall time meetings are ensuing, some lovely lines have been produced. Here are some current submissions!

Coronation Thoughts
The crown bares its shark teeth
to the vaulted ceiling
daring the painted stars to impale themselves
upon its golden maw

Cruel crown, devourer of stars,
fangs sharper than cathedral spires
and deadlier than the devil’s

Clueless crown who cannot itself lead an army,
rule a kingdom, devastate an open field
with fire and sword,
slip poison into a traitor’s goblet

Most young kings get their heads cut off
most young queens die in canopied beds
most young monarchs drown in armor and petticoats

There the antic sits and rages
never breaking the jeweled circle
as the crown grows pensive
and hides its shark teeth

Leon Friedman

Ahead of you 

Is a fleet of apple green. 

Walking the wetness is a winter

Fixed fermenting. 

But then spring!

But then more! 

Plough onward, little one,

Keep with the thaw- 

And when cover comes again,

You may know what lies ahead.


Almost is a six letter word

Simple as two syllables 

But runs deep canyons in the thought of what could have been

Almost drapes like fabric on two by fours

Could have been a chair

Almost sits in the spaces between fingers 

Waiting to hold the hand of another

Almost never leaves

No matter how good the outcome

The sweetest taste

Could have more sugar

Happiness lays in the contentment of what is

Even so,

Almost lingers around the nearest corner

Rachel Savini (From our Imagery workshop)